International Movement

Young Adult Teams of Our Lady (YATOL), known internationally as Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL), was established in France in 1976 by young adults whose parents were members of an international movement for Catholic married couples called Teams of Our Lady.

Since its inception, the movement has spread throughout the world with currently over 5,000 members.

It’s current international headquarters are located in the Lisbon, Portugal, which is where the International Secretariat resides and operates.

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We're On the Map

Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil, France, Canada, Lebanon, Syria, Mozambique, Costa Rica, Haiti, Angola, Colombia & Paraguay

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"I feel that YATOL has been a huge boost in my spiritual and prayer life. I have always been active in my church, but YATOL has taught me to truly engage and dig deeper into what it means to be Catholic. Both Christ and Mary have had such a personal impact in my life this year, and YATOL has exposed all of the blessings I receive. But also those I fail to see or acknowledge. It has been eye-opening in many ways, and I feel more prepared and confident to defend my faith."

—  Morgan, Turlock, CA