How do I join a team?

Attend one of our upcoming information meetings and let us know your YES!

Am I eligible for YATOL?

All young adults are welcome to this movement! If you're looking to join a team you must be Catholic, post high school to 30 years of age, unmarried, without children, and not living with a significant other.

I want YATOL in my area! How do I get started?

We are excited about your enthusiasm! Please contact us and let us know how we can work with you and the young adults in your area.


"I feel that YATOL has been a huge boost in my spiritual and prayer life. I have always been active in my church, but YATOL has taught me to truly engage and dig deeper into what it means to be Catholic. Both Christ and Mary have had such a personal impact in my life this year, and YATOL has exposed all of the blessings I receive. But also those I fail to see or acknowledge. It has been eye-opening in many ways, and I feel more prepared and confident to defend my faith."

—  Morgan, Turlock, CA